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There must be a better way than this system manager thing



in the 'old' days, where we went to http://filer/na_admin, everything went smooth.

Okay, the gui was ugly. But I could go there from everywhere.

With System Manager, I have to install it and am hooked on this crap of Java.

I know that is because of multi-OS-Support. But how about HTML5?

I write this because I am just waiting that System Manager becomes ready.

I dont know what it actually does right now but it says "loading.." behind my filers.

It happened to me more recently that I closed System Manager after waiting for it to get ready for 15 minutes, which it did not, opened ssh and did what I had to.

This behaviour has getting worse since the emerging of Rel. 3.xx (i currently use 3.1.1 - 3.1.2 wont work because of incompatibilities with my ontap Version - and I wont update because of a new System Manager ).

I also prefer a solution where I install the webservice on some webserver and protect it with .htaccess or such.

Easier maintenance and a one-stop to look at in case of HTML5 or a Java Container app (.WAR file)

What do you think?




You can check the following steps,

 1.  Application launch failure – check for supported browser.

 2.  In case of blank screen during application launch, that is, the browser launches but the application will not load – check for the JRE version, whether JRE is installed or not, check for a supported browser,  and check for error messages in the application installation dir, that is, bootlog.log. Alternatively, check in the users home directory for the presence of Oncommand System Manager for appropriate permissions.

 3.  In case the application has been installed once and then reinstalled, check for JRE versions.

 4.  When there are user-specified dedicated ports for OnCommand System Manager and if OnCommand System Manager is not closed properly, an application launch failure might occur. To fix this, identify the    java process in use. Reboot the client machine that will clear the zombie process.

 5.  During installation, if the creation of a desktop icon fails or it is not possible to launch the application by clicking on the desktop icon, launch the application by double-clicking SystemManager.exe or by    running the java -jar SystemManager.jar in the command prompt. Both SystemManager.exe and SystemManager.jar are present in the installation directory.

 6.  Application launch failure with error:  Port is in use by other application
    During installation, if a static port number is specified to launch the OnCommand System Manager and while launching the application, if the port is used by some other application, then the launch will fail.   Uninstall  the application and then re-install by specifying the port that is not used by any other application or select the automatic port selection option for OnCommand System Manager to select a free port.

 7.  Application launch failure with the following error:  'Error while starting Jetty denied: listen'
    Add the following values for a new Windows environment variable in the Advanced tab of the System Properties window:
    Variable name: _JAVA_OPTIONS
    Variable value:
    Then, restart OnCommand System Manager.



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Yes, there is something better.. It's called cli and powershell.


How about System Manager 8.3?


It's back On-Board, just like FilerView was.

It's HTML5...


My 2c