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% Time Waiting For CPU


Hi Guys,

I have a query about the % time waiting for CPU metric in Insight Balance. Does anybody really know what this means? From what I've seen so far I think it means the amount of time the system was waiting for a resource other than CPU. Is this correct? If it is can Balance advise what this other resource is?

Many Thanks

Mr G


Re: % Time Waiting For CPU


Hi Mr. G,

% Time waiting for CPU is a OnCommand Balance analytic and is calculated by OC Balance. It shows the amount of time the VM had to wait for CPU, when it actually needed it.  Compared to other performance metrics that take into consideration the % time that the CPU is ready during Idle times.  % Time Waiting for CPU represents a more definitive measure of CPU availability and bottlenecks, by specifically relating them to a VM’s actual operational needs.

best regards,

Don Bourque

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