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Unable to download Netapp Harvest




Have anyone have problems on getting the latest version of the NetApp Harvest zip file?

I'm here at this link:


And when I click to download the zip of the pdf file, I get this error message:


Error 500--Internal Server Error

From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:

10.5.1 500 Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.


Is there any alternate URL to get this?


Best Regards





Re: Unable to download Netapp Harvest




Not sure if there was an issue at the time you attempted to download it but the link is valid and i was able to download the files.



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Re: Unable to download Netapp Harvest


I tried again and unfortunately, it still gives the error...


it is necessary to have an active contract/subscription to be able to download this?!


Best regards

Re: Unable to download Netapp Harvest


Hi @NelsonBA81, due to the rich user experience we provide, sometimes I've found I end up with too many cookies, and before the site stops working, it acts a bit weird. Have you tried clearing all of your ones and downloading again? As far as I know, an active contract is not required to download this.

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Re: Unable to download Netapp Harvest


Hi @AlexDawson,



I've also done that yesterday with the Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers, but today I've tried with Firefox and finally it worked.

Anyway, thank you for your sugestion/tip!


Best Regards



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