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Unable to establish a mirror relationship with one host.


We have 2 clustered 7-mode storage arrays (netapp01/netapp02 and netapp03a/netapp03b).  I am able to establish a mirror using DFM between netapp03a and Netapp02, netapp03b and netapp01, but not between netapp03a and netapp01.  All controllers have a 10GB interface on a private network.  When I attempt a mirror between netapp03a and netapp01 I get an error saying:

"Fri Apr  4 11:34:02 EDT : SnapMirror: destination transfer from netapp01_netapp03a_1384351234:Courses2Vol to SP_Courses2Vol : cannot connect to source filer."

According to the job status it is attempting to use the ip addresses for the private network.  When I do a packet trace on netapp03a during the time the error is generated, I see no attempts to connect to netapp01 over any  of it's interfaces.

Does anyone have any ideas where the problem may be?

Brent Wilhelm

Message was edited by: Brent Wilhelm
 Ontap version: 8.1.2P4
 DFM Version: (5.2)

Message was edited by: Brent Wilhelm</p>I am able to ping the private ip address of netapp01 from netapp03a.  I can also initiate a snapmirror from system manager on netapp03a.



Unified Manager will send the snapmirror command using the node names it has for the controllers, so be sure to verify that the destination controller can ping the source controller using the name that is listed for it in "dfm host list".



I was able to get this working by adding a line to the snapmirror.conf file with the appropriate ip address.

netapp01_netapp03a = multi(10.x.x.x,10.x.x.x)

I was doing this to manually test creating a snapmirror via the command line and Unified Manager just started using it.


Brent Wilhelm

Salisbury University

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You could use the hostPreferredAddr1 host level option to set an address for VSM traffic. 

UM woudl then update the sm.conf file after creating a connection in the UM database.




I think I do have that set on each of the controllers involved. When you do a dfm host get does it show up as “Prefferred IP Address 1:”. Each of the other mirror relationships automatically created the multi(x.x.x.x,x.x.x.x) entry in the sm.conf file. It was definitely weird.


Brent Wilhelm


Hello Brent,

I had a similar problem recently. It turned out to be an IP mistype in one of the config files. Check IP/subnet/gateway/hostname configuration and snapmirror permissions on both netapp03a and netapp01 and compare how they stand in comparison to other (working) nodes. Namely, these here files:




If everything turns out to be in order, initiate SnapMirror once more from the destination node - while being logged into source node. You might be able to see a CLI notification carrying more information, like unauthorized connection, not being able to create an incremental snapshot on source side, or something useful.

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