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Unable to pull up reports for Pure Storage arrays


 Hello Guys,


we have OCI 7.2 and in the data source we are able to add Pure Stoarge arrays. But we are unable to pull up reports for the Pure Storage arrays. can anyone assist here.



Even i have same issues.Did you get it resolved ? What you done ?


First question - when did you add the Pure arrays to OCI? If you are trying to run a datawarehouse (DWH) report, the DWH will not know about the Pure arrays until the ETL process has run. Usually, the ETL is scheduled for the night time.


Second, could the report have any filters set on it for storage vendor? The Pure arrays may be filtered out of that particular report.


In the DWH, you could try launching an ad-hoc reporting tool like Query Studio. Use the Inventory mart, and look for something like Storage Vendor - if you drag that into the report, does Pure appear? If not, the ETL may not have run yet

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