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Unassigned Disks



is there a way to create a report to show all the disks that are not assigned to a controller?

I'm essentially looking for a report that aggregates the output of the disk show -n command over all the controllers



Re: Unassigned Disks


Hi Bengt,

     I am not sure if un-assigned disk are reported in OnCommand Unified Manager/DFM. I definitely do remember that we report on data, parity, spare,failed and broken disk but not sure on unassigned ones.

[root@vmlnx ~]# dfm report view disks help

All Disks Report (disks)

Shows all disks.


         reportLineNumber     Line

         grandparentObjFullName Controller

         diskName             Disk Name-------------------------------------> Gives info if a disk is data/parity/spare/broken/failed check if you get un-assigned as well.

         aggrObjName          Aggregate

         diskFirmwareRevision Firmware Revision

         diskVendorName       Disk Vendor

         diskModel            Disk Model

         diskType             Disk Type

         diskShelf            Disk Shelf

         diskBay              Disk Bay

         diskPlexId           Disk Plex Id

         diskTotalMB          Disk Size (MB)

Default sort order is +grandparentObjFullName.

[root@vmlnx ~]#

I dont have a setup to quickly try this out to confirm it.



Re: Unassigned Disks


Well not sure if I'm doing something wrong but the fact that a disk is not assigned does not seem to bother the OC Server the slightest ... 

dedusngs01*> disk show -n

  DISK       OWNER                  POOL   SERIAL NUMBER  

------------ -------------          -----  -------------  

2c.25        Not Owned              NONE   3KS6Z32000009811PSYN

At the same time the DFM spits out that the disk is still a spare

c:\dfm report view disks | findstr dedusngs01 | findstr 2c.25 spare disk 2c.25

How do I force the update of the DB that the views are looking  in?

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