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Unified Manager maintenance/blackout


I'm sure this is relatively straightforward, but I can't seem to find it in the documentation for Unified Manager...


I am in the process of migrating some LUNs and Volumes from one filer to another. After I cutover to the newly migrated Volume, I like to take the old one offline but not delete it in case I need to fail back. Taking the volume offline ensures that I don't have any users or systems still pointing to the old volume.


When I do this, UM sends an alert for the volume being offline. Is there a way to put specific volumes in a blackout/maintenance mode so that alerts aren't generated for them?


I am running UM 7.2






Re: Unified Manager maintenance/blackout


Hi Ron,


Currently UM does not support blackout. But it's on our roadmap. I will pass this thread to our product manager.




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Re: Unified Manager maintenance/blackout


Thanks for the quick response!

Re: Unified Manager maintenance/blackout


Hi, Ron,


If you want to stop UM from sending alerts about this specific volume, you have two ways of doing it in UM7.2:


1. Configuration\Alerts. Take the volume offline alert from the list you have already configured. This way, UM may still generate an event for it, but you will not receive an alert.

2. Configuration\Manage Events. You can also disable this particular event for this volume here, so the event will not be generated at all.



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