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Unmapping LUN list from EMC and SolidFire


Any way to export the list of LUNs which are not used in  EMC and SolidFire as report. 



Sure, the conundrum however is:


What is your definition of LUNs which are not used?


Is it?


Volumes which are mapped to storage ports, but not masked

Volumes which are not mapped to storage ports

Volumes which have experiences no IOPs for X days


We have customers using all kinds of varieties of those definitions - some need to do further filtering on the "Type" attribute to filter out certain replication destinations,etc




Trying to find the  list of the volume which are not mapped to not host's wwpn and  non active ( not logged into the array) host's wwpn.?


Lets get on the same page with OCI terminology


Mapping is the relationship of a volume, to what storage ports it is presented across.


On some platforms, mapping isn't really a thing - whenever you create a volume, it is implicitly mapped to all FC ports in the array.

On other platforms, you need to decide explicitly across which storage ports you want to present the volume


Masking is granting access to host HBA WWNs for a volume.


OCI can actually help you understand:


Which volumes are neither mapped nor masked

Which volumes are mapped but not masked

Which volumes are masked but not mapped


The above is purely thinking about how the volumes are configured on the array.


Does this make sense?


Does one of those sound like what you are looking for?


Alternatively, simply looking at volumes which exist, but are not part of paths is a different approach that can be taken - is that what you are looking for?

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