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Using OCUM Alerts + WFA for Smarter Autogrow


While volume autosize has always been a useful ONTAP feature to ensure volumes never fill up --- most veterans would admit it's not robust enough in large storage environments because:

1.) It doesn't check aggregate space to ensure the aggr is not at risk by fulfilling this autosize request

2.) The maximum autosize ceiling complicates the equation

3.) There aren't a lot of controls in the growth trigger threshold

While cDOT 8.2 may change the game with % growth ceilings - I've always thought OCUM + WFA would yield a much more robust solution.

OCUM, upon triggering an alert for a volume crossing some defined threshold (i.e. 80%), should trigger a script that calls a REST API workflow that:

1.) Calculates a proper % to grow the volume based on volume size (i.e. 0-100GB volume grow +20%, but 1TiB+ volumes grow +5%)

2.) Checks Volume Grow from 1) + aggregate remaining space --> if < predefined threshold then do NOT grow volume and instead send hi-pri alert to email distro

3.) If > predefined threshold grow the volume by amount calculated in #1

4.) Send successful email to distro

Has anyone done such work (especially the part where OCUM triggers a script that calls a WFA workflow via REST) --- or would like to do it?!



Hmm that's too bad - OCUM 5.2 definitely could trigger scripts upon a alarm trigger which was established around an event (i.e. Volume "Nearly" Full).  See the alarm/event section of:

I'm curious to see how you think WFA will trigger this.  It has to somehow autonomously (outside of someone pushing a button) receive knowledge that a certain volume is approaching set threshold limits --- which is probably the most difficult part.

Looking forward to your plan/work!  Please reach out for discussion on this.



Has anyone done such work (especially the part where OCUM triggers a script that calls a WFA workflow via REST) --- or would like to do it?!


I was talking to a colleague regarding this possibility and had planned to do something like this next week. I'm glad to know someone else also thinks it could be useful. I don't think OCUM can trigger a script, this trigger will also have to be done by WFA.

Will send you my plan via email. For everyone else, I will post it here once its done.



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