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Utilisation history reports of Volumes & Aggregates with OCUM 6.2 for Clustered Ontap


Dear NetApp Community,


I'm trying to generate a graph that show the utilisation of an aggregate or volume for a specific time-span.

This is for clustered ontap.


With OnCommand Unified Manager I view the utilisation history in the Aggregate Overview screen.

However I can only select 1 week, 1 month or 1 year.

Also it's not really easy to export this graph.


I would like to confgure the time-span for which I can generate the graph.


I believe that OnCommand Report is not supported with clustered ontap and almost EOA.

Also it's not able to generate utilisation reports.


I've tried to do this with CMPG but it's not possible either.


Is there ANY product or way to do this in Clustered Ontap?


In 7-mode I could use the OCUM 5.2 operation manager to do this.