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Volume Performance for VPLEX in OCI DWH 7.1.2



I'm trying to find out about why, in the DWH, no performance data is captured for the VPLEX appliances.  From OCI, when I look at a host or at the VPLEX itself, I see Top Volume IOPS, although Volume IOPS is blank.  I would at least expect to see the Top IOPS in DWH.  Is this just a quirk of the VPLEX performance acquisition?


Just trying to get a sense if this is a global issue or an issue specific to our site and whether or not we need to open a case.






I cannot think of anything special about the Vplex vis a vis the DWH


Basically, whatever we have in OCI for Vplex, should flow into the DWH.


In what area of the DWH are you looking? We certainly should have volume stats available, presuming the Vplex performance packages are acquiring successfully


So, I'm looking at the daily and hourly Volume Performance data marts, Host Volume Performance, Application Volume Hourly.  Granted, there is no Top Volume IOPS that I can add in from DWH, but there are "max" options.  I have plenty of response time information, but the IOPS info is eluding me.


Hi Julia,


I've seen something similar in the past, specifically with VPLEX.

I think the issue is on the acquisition side of things, where for some reason (might be related to the firmware version of the appliance) VPLEX reports only Total IOPS numbers - not broken down by read/write. Now, OCI normally would calculate Total IOPS to be the SUM of read/write, but since read/write isn't being reported something seems to be amiss there.

That at least was the case when I last have looked into this. I'm not sure there is a fix for this, but I'd open a case for further investigation. It might be beneficial to have a closer look at the recordings in %SANSCREEN_HOME%\acq\log\storageperformance_<vplex_datasource> wherein you should find the perpetual log files and see if the performance data is broken down by read and write or not.


Kind regards,


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