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WFA - Check if Workflow gets triggered by another Workflow


Hi Guys


I need some help with a Workflow which is as follows:

"send mail" -> "wait for approval" -> rest of the Workflow


If the above Workflow gets executed by an user it should send the mail and wait for the approval from a storage administrator. If the Workflow gets executed by another Workflow WFA should disable the first two commands ("send mail" and "wait for approval") and only execute the rest.


I know how to do execution conditions but I'm searching for a way to check if the Workflow was invoked by another one or not.


Thx for the help!


Cheers Dario





Not sure if there is a way to tell what triggered a workflow or not but to handle this I think you could probably pass a variable value to the workflow that has the checks and only have those checks run if the variable was not found. Create a triggeredByWorkflow variable and set your execution conditions based on the existiance of that var. 


Thank You, 


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