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WFA - Cluster/vServer Peer SQL Query


Hello Guys,

I am looking for a possibility to configure the data protection for a provisioned volume automatically.

For that i need to create a filter which shall automatically select its peer relation with cluster and vserver.

I am not able to find the table/database in WFA which does carry any such information about cluster peer.

I also thought of using the vserver comment, but the vserver comments that we set on OnTap are not reflecting in the WFA database.

Any suggestions will be a great help.




Hi Sheel,

There's a small amount of info in "cm_storage.vserver_association" in the form of source vserver id and target vserver id that are peered and in what manner (mirror or vault).

you can extract a query from that and cm_storage.vserver with LEFT JOIN to show peers.

If you need an example for the query and didn't manage getting this out pretty, update us.



Hello Solal,

I tried to look at the table and it seems that the tables is empty:

MySQL> select * from vserver_association;

Empty set (0.00 sec)


Can you try on your end and see if you see some data on this table.



Hi Sheel.

I have data in mine:

Did your acquisition of OCUM complete correctly?

Do you have Toad or Yog to view the WFA database?

Anyway, it seems that you missed the "cm_storage" database name before the table named "vserver_association".

Try the full table path:

select * from cm_storage.vserver_association;



Vserver Associations do not necessarily map to vserver peers. This is because, these associations are created using OCUM. These associations are created before creating a Storage service template and subscribing to it.


You might have created a vserver association using OCUM 6.X, before creating a storage service.

This is why you are able to view entries in your database, while Sheel is not able to.



HI Sheel,

WFA does not have cluster/vserver peer data cached in its database, since this data is not collected by OCUM as well.

Also vserver comments are not reflecting in WFA cache, since this data too is not collected by OCUM.

In order to use this data in filters, you will have to cache the data in WFA db.

This could be done by creating a custom data source type that could acquire the data you require from the cluster and place it in the playground database.

Once this data is cached, a filter could be written to fetch you the details you require.


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