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WFA - Conditional FlexClone Creation


Hello.  Wondering if anyone has already built a workflow for conditional creation of FlexClones.  Looking for a solution to help mitigate the risk of a clone ultimately filling an aggregate. As an example, perhaps a workflow that would collect the volume size, compare that to the free space in the aggregate, then either allow the creation of a clone, warn about creation if space is tight, or deny if the aggregate would fill if someone did something crazy inside the clone.



Hi David,


That's possible, you could create a SQL filter for volumes within aggregates that have X% available capacity so that the user can only select volumes on a vserver to clone if that volumes exists on an aggregate with available capacity. Alternately you could apply conditional logic to clone command so that the clone is only created if the aggregate capacity for which the volume resides on is <= X%. You can set the user input for the vservers volume to a SQL query type and display the volume (and aggregate %available capacity). When the workflow runs if the selected volume's aggregate has available capacity then volume will be cloned otherwise no action would be taken. Would that work for you?



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