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Performace checks automated-output on email!


What would be the best way to get automated emails on the performance of our system: CPU/IOPS/Lags etc.

We dont use autosupport.

Any help is appreciated!




"Best" is somewhat objective and really depends on what type of information you're seeking.  You mentioned that you don't use AutoSupport, but even without sending the information to NetApp you could still have it delivered just to yourself.


There's a large number of products which do monitoring/reporting on NetApp storage.  In our own portfolio both OnCommand Insight and OnCommand Unified Manager will generate reports about many different aspects of the systems.  Additionally, again depending on the information you desire and your palate for internal development, something as simple as the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit (or any other language which has an SDK such as Perl, Python, Java, etc.) can be used to query, format, and present reports.


Leaving the NetApp family there is a bevy of products both open source and propietary from our partners and the really depends on what features, functions, and details you want to report on.


Hope that helps.




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Thank you for your reply. I would want to use powershell. Do you by any chance have the scripts? That would be very helpful. I typically would want a script that would throw our report every morning into an email.


Have a great day!




What type of information are you wanting to be emailed?  I don't have a standard set of monitoring / reporting scripts for this type of function so having an idea of what information you're interested in will help to define the cmdlets you would want to use.



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Hi Andrew, 


Require your help to send me some sample script for me to send daily auto health check email from OCUM. I just need the CPU Usage, IOPs, and Latency. 

Thank you. 





Than you again.


I typically want a simple Usage, Performance and Capacity inlcuded in the report. 


Usage: Total space consumed in GB, and also in Percetage used.

Performance: CPU usage,througput, Latency, IOPS,

Capacity: Total Space Left in the aggrerate in GB, and also in percentage.


I want this run every morning at lets say 8 am in the morning. I would like this for both 7-mode and cdot filers.


Thanks agian for your help! much appreciated.









Will DFM serve the purpose?


Nagios is free.

Bear in mind that using 3rd party monitoring tools will very often give false positives

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