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WFA - Create Volume failing with error "Volume "MyVolume" does not exist in Vserver "MySVM".




Some context : 


I created a workflow which creates a volume. 


The volume name is dependent on its size : small, medium or big. 


The problem : 


When I execute the workflow, it works well with the small or big sizes, but with the medium one it fails during the execution (the preview is fine and the values look correct).


I think the finder cannot find the volume name as it always tries to create the volume even if it already exists, but I'm puzzled as to why it works with a volume name ending in '_small' and not with a volume name ending in '_medium'. Also, if I check the filter on the volume with the values I find in the execution status, I find the value corresponding to my volume.


I didn't enclose a  .dar export of the workflow as we are also using some custom data sources.


The environment : 


WFA 5.0 on Windows