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WFA RDM device addition/creation failing



Hello All,


I am trying to create a clone from a snapshot using WFA and the process go through all the steps successfully and creates 7 of the 8 devices and then fails on the last volumes with an error:


"Cannot validate argument on parameter 'DeviceName'. The argument is null. Provide a valid value for the argument, and then try running the command again"


Any thoughts? This is a custom workflow that was created for us by NetApp P.S. 

The workflow creates devices and presents them as RDMs to a VM guest. 


I have tried numerous things without luck. Using an older version of WFA 3.1.0 (in the process of upgrading) and there are other workflows that execute fine but not this one.



WFA version : 3.1.0

VMWare: 6.0

WFA Server: Windows 2012


Your inputs are greatly appreciated. 



As WFA 3.1 is allready out of support since April this year i would like to ask you to upgrade to a supported version.

Once that is done officially custom worklflows are not supported by the support team of NetApp.


This is supported by the community or by PS, as you mentioned the custom workflow is created by PS perhaps it would be best to contact the person. Since he knows what he created and what he did.


Otherwise we would need to full script on what the workflow is doing and than we would be able to assist you.