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WFA Trigger Approval Point only IF...


Need a way to trigger an approval point only if a certain criteria is met.


Example: If we could allow a snippet of code to be executed as part of the approval point to determine if there should or shouldn't be an approval point at all. With that there should be the typical "Execute this command: " tab added to it. This would provide a better use of approval points.




Just integrate the approval point into the regular commands so that the approval point executes at the end of the command or the beginning which ever is best. It would solve the above.



One other thing. We need a way better way to resume the workflow other than having to login and find it and run it. Is there some creative idea/way to have an email with a hyper link sent along with the text so that the user can click resume the flow with proper authentication of course?




    WFA 4.0 has the feature called conditional execution of Approval point which will allow user to configure conditions while adding approval points. During workflow execution if condition is set for approval point, that will be evaluated and if it evaluates to false the approval is not required and it is disabled. The workflow executes as normal. If the condition is evaluted to true, then approval is required from storatge admin or architect to continue with execution.


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