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WFA and Oncommand Unified manager pairing


I have a question.


I need to know if is possible to connect multiple WFA servers to one Ocommand Unified manager server?


The OCUM server is running version 7.2P1.


We want to setup a new WFA server and it would be perfect if we can connect the new WFA server to the same OCUM server as where the current WFA server is connected too.



Henk Snel





Re: WFA and Oncommand Unified manager pairing


Hi Henk,


it depends on what you are trying to do.


a) in case you want to pair UM with WFA to be able to leverage the data protection workflows within UM and to have UM manage the cluster credentials in WFA only a 1:1 paring is supported.

b) if you want to configure UM as data source in WFA you can add multiple UM servers to WFA, but you would have to add those manually.


You can have a) and additionally do b). But the data protection workflows will only work for the UM/WFA combination configured with a).


regards, Niels




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Re: WFA and Oncommand Unified manager pairing


Hi Niels,


I am trying to do option a. 


The goal is to populate the UM data into the new WFA server.


I can do this by following these steps:


1. Disconnect current WFA server from UM

2. Connect/pair new WFA server to UM

3. wait for a hour.

4. Disconnect new WFA server from UM

5. Connect the old WFA server to UM


We need the data on the new WFA server for testing.



Henk Snel


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