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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Harvest Support Post Chris Madden


Now that Chris Madden has left NetApp, is anyone else going to support NetApp Harvest?


Please drop me a PM with your email.

Thanks !




Harvest 1.4 has been posted to the Tool Chest on 1/22.



regards, Niels


As you can imagine there is a lot of support for Harvest and NAbox out there, but here is a bit more informations.


Chris properly trasnferred all the assets to a group of people, and was kind enought to support us a little bit more when we had questions.


We are releasing Harvest 1.4 as we speak, that should get us to 9.3 without issues, and I'm still personally supporting NAbox.


Please continue using the communities for your Harvest questions, it's the best way to get support, NAbox is still supported by email from the web site but I should probably monitor these communities as well.


Thank you for your support


Hey yannb, Any update on the status of Harvest 1.4? What's holding it up?


Thanks, Yann. 


I ended up copying the 9.1 config file from /opt/netapp-harvest/template/default to /opt/netapp-harvest/template then adding


template         = cdot-9.1.0.conf


to each 9.2 cluster in the netapp-harvest.conf file.




First I'm very sad to read that Chris has left NetApp, he has done so much interresting thing for NetApp and its community ...


I was at NetApp Insight @Berlin and it was said that Harvest 1.4 is already available. But The version we can find in Toolchest is stil 1.3 (https://mysupport.netapp.com/tools/info/ECMLP2314554I.html?productID=61924&pcfContentID=ECMLP2314554).


Where can we find the 1.4 version ? And can you update the link in Toolchest ?


Many thanks and good luck for the relay on this topic


Best Regards,


Pierrick OLICARD




My harvest isn't collecting data for ONTAP 9.2 systems. When will harvest v1.4 be released please?


Nobody knows unfortunately.


In the meantime, you can go in the templates directory and copy the 9.1 template as 9.2


Yes, the tool will continue to be supported.


Please continue to use the community discussion area and the netapp-harvest keyword tag.

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