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WFA does not start



I have OC 5.0.1 installed on W2K8 ( all 64 bit ) and have installed successfully WFA ( even had to use the shortname path to work ) but it simply does not load.  I get a blank web page ( I think before it says the site is not found? ).  I have flash installed so I am not sure what is going on.

Also in the services app, there is no WFA service installed.

Is there a way to double check WFA is really installed?




It sounds like WFA did not install correctly for some reason.  But based on what you've indicated, I have a couple of questions:

  • Did you try to install WFA on the SAME server as your OC UM 5.0.1 system?  This is not recommended as there is often contention for the same ports.
  • Have you looked through the WFA Installation and Setup Guide?  This should answer many of your questions.  Alternately, there are blog posts that go through the installation & configuration of WFA (on it's own VM) which you can read HERE.
  • Alternately, did you receive any error messages during the installation?

if you've done all of the above, have you tried uninstalling and re-installing WFA (on it's own VM)?

Hope this helps,


WFA Team.


Hello ... let me try to remove it; yes it is on the same system but i can move it to another.

interesting, even though it said it installed, it never registered in "programs" on the control panel.


as it turns out, i had another server with WFA installed and it is doing the same thing and I do see the service running.  I stopped and it started it.  Not sure what is going on.


Hi Emanuel,


  • for the OTHER WFA server you have installed... is it the newest version?
  • Have you followed the Install and Setup Guide mentioned?
  • If you have a port 80 issue, then you will NOT be able to connect to WFA correctly.  This is fully identified in the Install and Setup Guide.  Please also reference Appendix D and the other WFA Community Install and configure blogs, if needed.
  • In general with the issues is that IIS is up and running with Windows 2008 server installs.  If this is the case, please disable the IIS role (don't remove), and disable that service.  Once you do this, uninstall and reinstall WFA, and you "should" be good to go.

Hope this helps,



Hi Emanuel:

Are you still facing the problem or is it resolved now?


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