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WFA find an aggregate which contains an existing volume


Hi, i'm a new WFA user (for 7-mode workflow).

I have created a workflow to :

- find array

- create an ipspace and add an interface in it

- create a volume (called volume1)

- creata a vfiler (using the newly created volume as root volume).

- configure advanced parameters for the vfiler


It works as wanted.


Now, i want to add steps to provision volumes to this vfiler. I would like to use the vfiler root volume aggregate. I don't find the good expression. I would like to user properties of the vfiler root volume to get the aggregate (i have tried volume.aggregate and etc...).





Is there a simple way to do that ?


Re: WFA find an aggregate which contains an existing volume




There is a root_volume_id in storage.vfiler table which returns the vfiler root volume id

 In storage.volume table, there is aggregate_id and vfiler_id

In storage.aggregate table, there is aggregate name.


You can write your own filter which will join vfiler, volume and aggregate tables with these id columns to get the vfiler's root volume aggregate.

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