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WFA not being refreshed by cDOT


Hi - I'm using WFA 3.1 and cDOT cluster on 8.2.3. One of our WFA jobs has an issue and sometimes falled over meaning we have to go back into the Cluster OnTap CLI and clean up. However WFA does not see that the clean-up is done (eg export-policy has been removed) and when we re-run WFA job it fails as it thinks the export policy already exists.

How do I update the WFA refresh so that it is a little more 'informed' of current cluster status.







After making changes in The Cluster, you need to refresh the Cluster in OnCommand Unifiend Manager. And when the Refresh completes, you need to manually trigger the acquisition of you Data Source for the OCUM.


To prevent the above 2 manual effort, WFA has some automation mechanism.


1. Command to Do the Cluster Monitoring Refresh and Commands to Acquire the WFA Data Source. You can get those from here.

2. If you are using WFA4.0RC1 then the above command( but in Perl Code) are provided by default with your WFA server.



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