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WFA reporting aggrs not existing


I have seen this error a few times, and now I am starting to get concerned as we are using WFA more often.


When running a workflow, sometimes we get the error Aggregate aggr1 does not exist


I was thinking it's an issue with OCUM and WFA taking a long time to talk to each other. 


Has anybody ever run into this?  




Re: WFA reporting aggrs not existing



I think you are seeing the error during workflow planning. Might be because of having no reservation for the new aggregate. Does the command used to create aggregate has reservation ?

Are you using 'Create aggregate' certified command for creating the aggregate in your workflow or is it a custom command with no reservation ?

Re: WFA reporting aggrs not existing


The error does not occur or show when previewing the workflow. It will preview succesfully but fails during run.

I know the command does have reservation and they are certified commands (no custom commands)


The aggregates are already created, and have been for quite some time.  They are in resource pools that we have been using for Aggregate selection

for quite some time now.   What we are doing is using a create volume workflow to create a volume based on what resource pool you choose.  

Re: WFA reporting aggrs not existing


This looks like an issue with the workflow rather than with WFA.

Is there a filter to get a particular aggregate within a resource pool?

If yes, then that is where probably the issue is. It is a remote possibility for the

filter( more precisely sql query on mysql) to fail if the query is correct.




Re: WFA reporting aggrs not existing


I am not sure if I agrew with it being an issue with the filter.


We are not asking for a particular aggregate, we are asking for any aggregate in that resource pool.


When the workflow runs, it will fail saying it could not find the aggregate (specifically by name) for example; could not find aggr1_finance

If it was an issue with the filter, wouldnt it have a determining which aggregate to use? 


We have also had this workflow for quite some time now, and it did not have any issues finding and using aggregates to create the volume on.


Is there any log I can provide to give you a better idea.







Re: WFA reporting aggrs not existing


As sinhaa, used to say. Its easy to debug with the workflow rather than just a description. I am sure if you can also attach the workflow with the error message the community members may be able to help you out.




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