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WFA and Snapvault


I dont see any built in workflows for stopping/breaking Snapvault type relationships in WFA.


How can we handle stopping data protection for volumes using Snapvault






Re: WFA and Snapvault


There are couple of Snapvault workflows and Commands for Clustered Data Ontap bundled with WFA.

However it may not cover everything. In case it is not existing, you can create your own commands

and create your own workflows.


You can also search in communities to see if somebody has posted

a similar command or workflow. Also have quite some workflows.


If you face any difficulties in creating a command and workflow, you can post the question back

in communities.



Re: WFA and Snapvault

Hope question is for Cluster mode. Check if "Break Snapmirror" workflow works for you. Otherwise you can create workflow similar to above one using following one or more commands. 1) Abort Snapmirror 2) Quiesce Snapmirror 3) Remove snapmirror

Re: WFA and Snapvault


Yes it is for cluster mode. but That doesnt seem to work. I get an error that it is not possible with relationships of type 'vault'


The relationships were created with the 'Create Snapvault' workflow that is provided with WFA

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