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WFA weekly schedule


Hello everybody,

is it possible to create a weekly schedule in wfa? We have a check-script which should be running weekly, with generating email-alerts, if necessary.

Thanks for help!



Hello Lukas,

Can you provide a little more detail on what you are trying to do?

WFA itself does not run schedules.  If you want something to be regularly initiated via WFA, then it's possible to setup a cron job / windows scheduler to initiate a script that remotely calls the desired WFA workflow.

If you were asking if WFA can setup a schedule for ONTAP, then yes, that is completely possible.

Hope this helps,



Hello Kevin

Thanks a lot for your answer.

We would like to setup a schedule for ONTAP, how is this possible to do? Or how is it possible to create a windows scheduler to initiate a powershell-script within wfa?

Thanks a lot for help!


Hello Lukas,

>>> We would like to setup a schedule for ONTAP, how is this possible to do? <<<

Can you identify what kind of schedule you are trying to setup for ONTAP?  A Snapshot Schedule?  A Snapmirror or Snapvault schedule?  Also are you working with legacy 7-mode systems, or are you working with clustered ONTAP systems?  The answers to these quesations will help us provide you better answers and guidance.

>>> Or how is it possible to create a windows scheduler to initiate a powershell-script within wfa? <<<

you will likely have to create a small script that you will initiate via the windows schedule.  The small script would call the WFA workflow.  For how to call WFA workflows via Web Services, please look at the Web Services Primer document https://communities.netapp.com/docs/DOC-15285https://communities.netapp.com/docs/DOC-15285.

Hope this helps,



is there a way to schedule a cron job on 7Mode 8.0. We dont have a monitoring rool and we would like to monitor inode count on volumes for every 24hrs.




 Will just a scheduled monitoring be okay? 


WFA3.1 provides mechanism to execute a workflow in recurrance for a given schedule. But I'm not sure its bundled PSTK3.3 will work with Ontap8.0 7Mode. We will need a older PSTK


Are you looking to minitor any of the below info for a volume ? I'm not sure what you mean by Inode Count on volumes.





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I am just looking for output of 'df -ih' command to be emailed so that we can take a look at inode usage


Hello Kevin

Thanks for the informations.

We are only working with legacy 7-mode systems and we would like to setup all schedules (snapshot, sis, snapmirror and snapvault).

The link helped us already a lot. Thanks!

Best regards,


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