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Web admin page not working for OCUM 7.1


I've just installed OCUM 7.1 and the HTTPS web maintenance page is not working/not responding. I get the initial certificate warning then it just does not respond. No error message, just the timer in the browser constantly spinning. 

I've rebooted, reset server certificate with no effect.

I have full IP access to/from the server, and DNS is working.


Anyone else suffering with this? I am raising a ticket with NetApp support.



**EDIT - turns out the hostname was not correct. At initial setup I was asked for IP address, hostname, subnet mask/prefix length, etc. Turns out that the installer does not actually like 'prefix length' and therefore the IP settings on initial boot weren't quite right and the hostname wasn't set. The only way I could resolve this was to delete and reinstall! Hope this helps someone else**


Re: Web admin page not working for OCUM 7.1


Would (could?) you add details of the problem - What release of UM (presumed deployment from OVA)?  Did you use the template in the deployment?  What values were enterd that cause the problem? 


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