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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

What is the disaster recovery process for OCUM 5.2 + WFA?


For OCUM, I am planning on using the SnapDrive approach in, the somewhat outdated but still relevant, TR-3655.  Customer will have WFA integrated with OCUM 5.2 in this environment and wants to maintain a very low RPO ~ 15 minutes.  Can WFA be configured/recovered on NetApp storage with Snapshot-based backups and replicated via VSM similar to the way OCUM 5.2 can? ...and will WFA/OCUM 5.2 remain "in sync" after recovery to different servers/NetApp storage at a remote site?




As such there is no support for WFA backup with Snapdirve or so. The best you can do is the take perodic backup of WFA using powershell.

  • -Documentation/Details around the backup PS cmdlet is in “Installation and Setup Guide”  “Backing up the WFA database using PowerShell script”
    oThis PS cmdlet is implemented using a REST API for taking backups in WFA server.
    -Also, WFA takes nightly backups in a folder WFA-Backups on the sever every night a 2:00AM.
    -When migrating the backup to a new WFA installation on DR site, ensure you follow the instructions in “Installation and Setup Guide”  “Migrating the OCWFA installation”. This is absolutely necessary to ensure credentials work fine in the DR WFA server.




Assuming I take Snapshot-based backups of OCUM 5.2 and perform recovery using the procedure in TR-3655, what does the process look like for the WFA instance that is connected to OCUM?  Do I have a second WFA instance installed @ the DR site which is running the same software version prior to Disaster Recovery, just like OCUM?  Should the powershell script you mentioned above be run before/after the OCUM database backup?  Will WFA remain "in sync" with OCUM after restoring @ the DR site?

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