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Where is the WFA Cache database located?


I need to look at the contents of a dictionary table I've acquired by creating a dictionary, scheme, and data source. It appears to have been successfully acquired according to Data Source Acquire Now saying Successful. I'd like to view the table to see if it contains what I expect. I've downloaded a SQL tool (called SQL MDF Viewer) onto the WFA system. I am now trying to find where the WFA Cache database is and am searching throughout C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA... but can not find any .MDF files which is what the tool opens



Could you please refer to the following posts and see if it helps you. There are references to tools in these posts:




I can try another tool but won't I still have the question: Where is the database .MDF file located?


Isn't .MDF files the data base files for Microsoft SQL server? WFA Database server is mysql.

You can use mysql workbench, SQL Yog or DB visualizer to connect to WFA DB.

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Thanks Sinhaa,  (duh, yeah. MDF is MsSQL, not MySQL, my bad 🙂 ... but admittedly new to both.

Okay, I switched to DbVisualizer and installed it directly on my WFA server. I get error messages indicated that the user/pswd I'm using are proper credentials (user: wfa, pswd: Wfa123) but I still am prompted for the database name and I'm guessing at it. I have tried 'wfa', 'cache' and 'playground'. Noether 'wfa' nor 'cache' seem to (error: Access denied for user 'wfa'@'%' to database 'wfa') work but when I entered 'playground' as database name it actually seems to connect to something. But I am not interested in the playground. I'm wanting to look at a dictionary I have added which as I understand is in the normal WFA Cache database. What concept am I missing?


OKay, answered my own question:

c:> mysql --user=wfa --password=Wfa123

mysql> show databases;


| Database           |


| information_schema |

| cm_performance     |

| cm_storage         |

| jp                 |

| performance        |

| playground         |

| storage            |

| vc                 |


8 rows in set (0.02 sec)


... the schemes map to databases


If you like using Powershell then I have this Powershell module that works quite good for connecting to WFA Mysql db. You'll need to install Mysql .Net Connector from here:

Download the attached file and save it in some location i.e. C:\fakepath

Now import this module and it connects to the WFA mysql server using wfa/Wfa123 and executes your query. It returns a list of objects which can be use conveniently in you powershell code.

If you modify the profile.ps1 located at NetApp\WFA\PoSH with Import-module for this, you can now use it directly in WFA commands just like another cmdlet.


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