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Windows service can't access to nas volumen


Hi ,

We are configuring in our fas2240  a volume for store our mail ( no in database , in windows file system).

The servers connected to this volume are Windows 2008 R2, we can access ok to the volume  ( example \\\maildata ). We can make read and writes from windows to this share without problem.

The issue its, our mail software ( Icewarp merak mailserver ) need connect their services ( pop3, smtp, etc ) with the user defined for this share. So we define in the windows services the user created in the share, we start the services without problem but it looks like the service not login correctly with the share any idea ?

if we want disable authentication in this share or access to this volume from anonymous user how can we do it ?



Re: Windows service can't access to nas volumen


You probably want to run the software services as one or more service accounts.  I assume your shares are not setup as everyone:full, so you want to add the service accounts to the shares with full access rights.  Then in Windows Explorer, go to root of the share, and add the service accounts with the access rights you want them to have in the Properties/Permissions tab.  The easiest way I know to do this, is to use Server Manager, change servers to the 2240 and select SystemTools/.SharedFolders/Shares.  Right click on the sharename, select Properties and Security.

That should do it for you.

Re: Windows service can't access to nas volumen


Thanks it works !!

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