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Can you use "dfm perf data retrieve" for just one disk?


I would like to use "dfm perf data retrieve" on the total_transfers counter for a specific disk but each time I get all disks.

Here is an example output:

PS C:\Users\administrator.NLTESTLAB> dfm perf data retrieve -o caffeine -C "disk:data disk 2a.23:total_transfers" -d 600


Timestamp       caffeine:data disk 2a.32:total_transfers


2013-01-02 14:28:31     134.729

2013-01-02 14:29:31     132.917

2013-01-02 14:30:31     132.617

2013-01-02 14:31:31     132.783

2013-01-02 14:32:31     131.683

2013-01-02 14:33:31     132.167

2013-01-02 14:34:31     133.800

2013-01-02 14:35:31     131.683

2013-01-02 14:36:31     130.883

Timestamp       caffeine:data disk 1b.39:total_transfers


2013-01-02 14:28:31     134.593

2013-01-02 14:29:31     132.283

2013-01-02 14:30:31     134.217

2013-01-02 14:31:31     134.117

2013-01-02 14:32:31     131.983

2013-01-02 14:33:31     133.167

2013-01-02 14:34:31     133.750

2013-01-02 14:35:31     132.400

2013-01-02 14:36:31     130.683

<<and it continues>>

For a system with a lot of disks I can imagine this command will take a LONG time to complete.

Is it possible get info for only a specific disk and not all of them?

Also, if I use the statistics operator "-m mean" it gives all the detailed output and then the mean.  Can it output only the mean?




Hi Christopher,

I guess you found a solution in the meanwhile but maybe I'll provide mine just in case.

I do this by creating a custom view first in NMC, containing the specific instance (in this case my single disk = filer:0a.19:disk:total_transfers) on which I want to collect metrics. I name this view total_transfers_single_disk.

Then I call this view from dfm CLI:

dfm perf data retrieve -V total_transfers_single_disk -M January > output-file.txt

The resulting file includes only the counter for my single disk. I am using DFM 5.1

About the mean, I would parse the dfm perf data retrieve output with powershell and possibly inject and format with excel cmdlet.

Kind regards


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