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"dfm perf data retrieve" gives error


Hi all,

I am using "dfm perf data retrieve" command to retrieve performance data from DFM server for NetApp objects but for some metrics I get following error:

C:\Windows\system32>dfm perf data retrieve -o 131 -C cifs:node:cifs_latency -d 300

Error: No instances found for object type "cifs:node". The specified counter is "cifs:node:cifs_latency" and host name is cluster-hh-01.

Why I get this error for some metrics?

I searched for information about this but couldn't find any, so if you could provide any link or help, that would be great.





It's strange, but I don't get cifs:node group at all, why?


This is cluster mode, and I make call for cluster-node, not for vserver and still get the same error.

what do you get when you type "dfm perf data list"?  the 2nd column of the output for cifs:node should tell you which host DFM is collecting cifs:node data for. 


Is this for cMode or 7-mode?  I can only speak for 7-mode.  -o (filername)

That will do the trick


I get that message when I point it to a vserver.  You need to point it to either the cluster or the node within the cluster. 

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