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error -2059898879 writing to temp file.


WFA 2.1RC1, Certified command "Create qtree" failed with error

error -2059898879 writing to temp file.

And quotas file on vFiler also got messed up.

Before this workflow, quotas file was

rdfile /vol/filer01_root/.snapshot/hourly.0/etc/quotas

#Auto-generated by setup Fri Oct 25 06:50:32 CDT 2013

/vol/vol_abc_14315_56771/b2b_stbatchrepository_vol_abc_14315_56771      tree    62914560K       -       -       56623104K       -

After this workflow, it looks like

rdfile /vol/filer01_root/etc/quotas
#Auto-generated by setup Fri Oct 25 06:50:32 CDT 2013

/vol/vol_abc_16534_65531/xyz_iaas_mv_audit_vol_abc_16534_65531  tree    10485760K       -       -       9437184K        -

It replaced the earlier qtree entry with two "_" and added new entry for the qtree being created.

Any clue on what this error means ? In which situation it would remove previous qtree entry and put two "-"  ?

Here is the log

08:39:36.724 INFO  [Create qtree] ### Command 'Create qtree' ###

08:39:39.349 INFO  [Create qtree] Executing command: ./Create_qtree7402509862483476707.ps1 -Array -DiskLimit 10240 -QtreeName xyz_iaas_mv_audit_vol_abc_16534_65531 -RootVolume filer01_root -SoftDiskLimit 9216.0 -VFilerName filer01 -VolumeName vol_abc_16534_65531

08:39:39.474 INFO  [Create qtree] Using cached controller connection

08:39:41.318 INFO  [Create qtree] Connecting to the controller in the vfiler context.

08:39:41.396 INFO  [Create qtree] Using cached controller connection

08:39:41.427 INFO  [Create qtree] Create qtree as per path: /vol/vol_abc_16534_65531/xyz_iaas_mv_audit_vol_abc_16534_65531

08:39:42.662 INFO  [Create qtree] Set qtree quota with following - DiskLimit: 10240m, FileLimit: -, SoftDiskLimit: 9216m, Threshold: -

08:39:45.709 INFO  [Create qtree] Enabling quota on volume : vol_abc_16534_65531

08:39:47.240 ERROR  [Create qtree] Command failed for Workflow 'Create a CIFS Share' with error : error -2059898879 writing to temp file.

08:39:47.256 INFO  [Create qtree] ***** Workflow Execution Failed *****




I think I found the reason. There must be some special character (or the way I saved quotas file by using wrfile for the first qtree) caused the quotas file mess up while creating second qtree in that vFiler.

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