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compare running exportfs to /etc/exports


I just stepped on a land mine where someone changed something in the /etc/exportfs file a long time ago, never reloaded it and when I added a new export and did a exportfs -r to reload the file it blew up. Short of doing a exportfs and comparing it to the /etc/exports file is there any automated way to do this in DFM or something or do I just have to manually compare the two or write a script?


compare running exportfs to /etc/exports


exportfs -a will load the file without exporting something that isn't in the file.

exportfs -w <path> - will let you export the current exportfs list to a file - if you wanted to do that before making the file change.

This will work-around the problem you experienced, but to do a comparison - you'd have to do a check via an external system (for example: linux diff).

Re: compare running exportfs to /etc/exports


Comparing via Diff.... does exportfs have a format to it? such as the file will read in as group, user and the in memory copy can be in any order?

Re: compare running exportfs to /etc/exports


For more details on exportfs you can refer



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