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dfm perf clientstat - per export? merge collections?


Two questions...

  1. Is there any way to tie dfm perf clientstat collections to the nfs export?  Without going to each client(which still doesn't verify ops per export). Problem here is that most of our older exports were configured to allow an entire subnet, so figuring out whats still using an export.
  2. Right now i have all our filers collecting clientstats every so often . The problem i'm faced with is that i want to view a sum of these stats over a given period.  So far i've got the below command working, but it's very slow and i have yet to combine and sum columns.  Hoping there's something in DFM that can help with this.  Perhaps a query to the dfm DB would work better, but im clueless when it comes to DB queries.
    1. for i in $(dfm perf clientstat list -a '2013-07-23 11:55:09.692000' <filername>| tail -n +2 | cut -d' ' -f1); do dfm perf clientstat list -s $i | tail -n +7; done | sort

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: dfm perf clientstat - per export? merge collections?


I have found two user tables in the db using:

dfm database query run "SELECT * FROM sysobjects"

name:      perfClientStatCollections

type:      U

userstat:  0

name:      perfClientStats

type:      U

userstat:  0

... still not sure how the data is stored though since client IPs are not an object in DFM...

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