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execute this command


I am setting up a POC for customer controlled DR tests.  We are looking to start with a maximum of 5 volumes per job, so I want to setup up a workflow with 5 rows.

I have created the required Break VSM Only(just a break, no release) and Resync commands.  I want to use the execute this command to only run if the customer has entered another destination frame.  Using only a single row, this works without issue.

To this end I have added 4 additional rows to the workflows.  I have tried to use Advanced >> "If the following epxression is TRUE" using ( $dest_array2 != null ).  However it does not appear that the MVEL function can see the user inputs of $dest_array2, $dest_array3, etc.

So my question is, is there a way for me to accomplish this in the manner I am attempting?  I really want to avoid having multiple workflows for the same basic request.  I would swear I saw this in a video, but cannot find anything on this now.

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Re: execute this command



There are two main ways to do it ,depends on you r workflow logic

1.Disabling the command based on expression

"If the following expression is TRUE" using ( $dest_array2 != '').

2.Disabling the command based on search results

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Re: execute this command


Thank you very much. 

I am confused on why != "" is working over != null.  In trying to learn all parts of WFA better I have been reading up on MVEL at codehaus and they do not showing this as a valid method for null string comparison.

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Re: execute this command



In WFA in case the User Input has no value it equals an empty String.

Therefor the clause  $dest_array2 != null equals TRUE.


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