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file count report??


Hi guys,

Was wondering if there are any reports that you're aware of that will provide me with the total file count within a qtree... from the CLI, I'd use 'quota report <path>' but, I'd like to set up a daily report to be sent out to a user requesting this data... so far, I've not been able to find a report that will provide such info....  any idea or custom scripts out there?





Hi Scott,

     I looked at the qtree report catalog and found that we do have fields that list the number of files, its limit and used as well.

[root@vmlnx~]# dfm report catalog list -R qtree | grep -i file

Default Display Tab: Filesystems

vFiler                              Qtree vFiler (A)

FilesLimit                          Qtree Files Limit

FilesUsed                           Qtree Files Used

FilesUsedPct                        Qtree Files Used %                            1

[root@vmlnx ~]#

This is not available as a canned report instead you need to create a Custom report with these fields. To know more on reporting take a look at this video.

Reporting with OnCommand 5.0

BTW this report catalog is from the Operations Manger Console and not the OnCommand Console.



NetApp Alumni

Hi Scott,

If you use OnCommand, the "User Quota Capacity" report has "File Used %".  Unfortunately, this is not at the qtree level.  Also there is a custom, report, "User Quota All" in OnCommand which shows user quotas but has the file path included.

You can use the ONTAP quota report API.


   - Rick -


Hi Scott,

On a per-Qtree basis will rely on either quotas (tree) being enabled for the qtree even with no limits, or it needs third party software that might interface using fpolicy in order to intercept file functions within the qtree and count that way. On a volume basis it can be gathered from powershell using something like...

$volumes = get-NaVol | where-object { $_.Status -eq "online" }

foreach ( $vol in $volumes )


Write-Host $ has $vol.FilesUsed files out of $vol.FilesTotal


That would give you the basics for files. Get-NaQtree doesn't have that information, only Get-NaQuota. Also I think this is used inodes as opposed to used actual files so folders will count too. Might be worth looking at the help for details before you rely on the figure.

Hope this helps a little and sorry its not simple for QTrees.


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