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get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND on Controller's console screen


Has anyone ran across this message before?  I'm seeing this message hundreds of times on a controller.  I've done some searching but have not run across any articles.  I've checked and there is no message on the console before these messages begin.  I'm running DOT 8.0.1P4 on a fas3270.



I've experienced this in our environment running System Manager 2.0.2 and have noticed that the messages are only generated when highlighting the filer in the tree and land on the System tab.  When I click any other level (Volume, Qtrees, etc.), the messages do not generate.  We have two 3270s running NetApp Release 8.0.2P6 7-Mode. I know it's not a fix, but I thought I would share.


Regarding David Jameson's observation of when using System Manager 2.0.2 the messages are only generated when highlighting the System tab.

I no longer see this on my V3270 cluster running OnTap 8.0.3. Each node owns aggregates with either SAS or SATA disk  in this cluster.

But I can confirm the same behavior as David Jameson on my other V3270 cluster that is running OnTap 8.0.3P5 but only on the node with a SAS disk aggregate ONLY. The other node in that same cluster does not show this and it has only one SATA disk aggregate owned by it.


So we just upgraded to System Manager 2.1 and it looks like the issue continues on.  Not a major problem, just disconcerting when you have a system with 360 disks assigned and that error goes splashing across the screen 360 times...

Same behavior - only happens when you hit the "System Tab" within SM...



Verified on my v3240 Cluster 8.0.1P5 - 7Mode, console open, click system in OnCommand System manager 2.1

We're upgrading to 8.1.2P1 shortly.



Seems to be System Manager related for us as it only started when we upgraded to System Manager 2.0.1 a few months ago. Why an upgrade to 8.1 when System Manager triggers it?


Will OnCommnad System Manager contain any fix for this?!


Looks like this is fixed in version 2.0.2 of System Manager



i won't confirm that it is fixed in Version 2.0.2. We have System Manager 2.0.2, and a Metrocluster with 8.0.2P4 and the Message appeared right in my console.

We have planned to Upgrade to Ontap 8.1.1P1 on next Monday, maybe that will solve the Problem.


Yes I have seen this in the console also on 2.0.2 since posting this. Oh well!


I just wanted to provide an update on this thread. Here is the information I received from our Engineering team:

The message 'get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND' is a console message generated on Data ONTAP 8.0.x systems configured in HA pairs. It is generated when one node of an HA pair attempts to perform certain operations on disks owned by the partner node. These operations may be initiated by management applications like the System Manager. This message does not indicate an error condition, and can safely be ignored on systems running Data ONTAP 8.0.x.

The public report should be available soon. Thank you all for patience on this issue.



I also ran into this today.  Working with NetApp we found that this is a "new" BURT 426418 (new only because the website has no information listed about it).  According to NetApp, they can be safely ignored, and the issue was resolved in 8.1.  Hopefully this helps others out!



I would love to know about this as well.  Whenever they post the ultra-shady bug's where no information is listed, we find a lot of trouble.  This is not how a responsible support organization should run.

Another great example of this was when the MOOS drives were failing right and left for tons of customers and they just wanted to keep the whole thing under wrap.


I am also getting the same messages on the console when I login to OnCommand System Manager 2.0.1 and try to access the storage on the left hand side menu. Any update on this as to why it is happening. I am getting this on FAS3170 and V3170 with DOT 8.0.2P1 7-mode.

get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND




Netapp is referring me to this Bug report, and the Netapp Community

Bug ID



Bug information not available

Fixed-In Version

· Data ONTAP 8.1RC1<> (First Fixed) - Fixed

· Data ONTAP 8.1<> (GA<>) - Fixed

· Data ONTAP 8.1.1RC1<> (RC<>) - Fixed

Requested, reason, impact, workaround,fix!

Otherwise you are out of luck…

Guess we will just have to deal with it…

Any thoughts on that




So far the only suggested solition is to upgrade to the later versions of Ontap..

Netapp makes it sound like a simple solution, that we all are going to implement. Yea right[:-\]

They kept referring me to a document that was internal only with no public information and the netapp community..

That was until i pointed out that i was poster 5

I believe there is a bigger problem than they want us to know

Good luck

Brian R. Tusler

Martin Marietta Materials Inc.

2710 Wycliff Rd

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919-882-2225<tel:9198822225> work

919-427-5828<tel:9194275828> cel

Sent from a Martin Marietta Materials mobile device


tuslerbz1 wrote:

So far the only suggested solition is to upgrade to the later versions of Ontap..

Netapp makes it sound like a simple solution, that we all are going to implement.   Yea right[:-\]

Yeah, not so easy for those of us who can't upgrade to 8.1!

Nice to finally get some information though, thanks Christine.


Seeing the same here as well, no news?

get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND


Same messages here. Running 8.0.2P3 7-Mode on V3240. OnCommand SM is 2.0.

Best wishes,

Pedro Rocha.


I am investigating this and am looking for a bug report or KB article that can offer more information on your issue.





Any luck finding out what is throwing this on the system console... I just noticed it today, and was trying to investigate.

Happens on one of the clustered pair of a FAS3270 - NetApp Release 8.0.2P4 7-Mode - console

get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND

get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND

get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND

get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND

get_disk_attributes: Stop reason: CR_OBJ_NOT_FOUND



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