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getting historical data out of OCUM


Dear all,


using OCUM-appliance 7.1P1


I am trying the get the rigth data out of the OCUM database, as I need historical data.


I suucceeded partly when I followed    .... but I think I do not have enough data to make the right calculation.


This method uses Powershell, and within Powershell some SQL-commands to get data out of the databases.



My problem: I need TOTAL and USED per PERIOD, so I can calculate per used-percentage for that PERIOD.


Now I have this data for a certain volume, but I think this is to less info:


volumeId        : 2022231
periodEndTime   : 9-11-2017 01.00.00 uur

sampleCount     : 670
UsedSum         : 3729838208
Total           : 597688320

SnapshotUsedSum : 54430564
SnapshotTotal   : 31457280


If I  UsedSum / sampleCount , it gives me a number that is to small. I have not much more fields to choose


Who can help?!  Thank you!!  Moray





Hi Moray,


From what i could compute, your volume consumption is 0.00518GB / sample or 5.18MB / sample which basically means the volume growth rate is on an average 5.18MB every 15 mins

since the default capacity poll runs every 15 mins.


Is this number way too short of the expected value, for the I/O's runnnig on this volume ?



kiran A.



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