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harvest 1.6.1 issue with FlexGroup clone



Since about one week harvest seem to have problems getting volume capacity information from OCUM server.

We have not changed anything with OCUM and nothing with harvest but I suspect that this is related to a clone of a FlexGroup volume which was created at this time.

The harvest error log shows:

[2021-01-24 21:15:09] [WARNING] [volume] update failed with reason: Object [id=3180037] was not of the specified subclass [] : loaded object was of wrong class class
[2021-01-24 21:15:09] [DEBUG  ] [volume] data-list poller next refresh at [2021-01-24 21:30:00]
[2021-01-24 21:15:09] [WARNING] [volume] data-list update failed.

OCUM: 9.7

Harvest: 1.6.1


I also started the worker with -d but there seem to be no other useful info in the logs. (if necessary I can provide a full log but because of our number of volumes it is huge)



Is it possible that harvest 1.6.1 cannot handle FlexGroup clones when polling OCUM?

Is there a possibility to get a quick fix for this or a possibility to exclude this volume?



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