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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

How to set up inode alerts in AIQ


How do I turn on alerts for inode in AIQ. For example, an alert when inode are 90%.



This is for OCUM 9.7. I don't have experience with 9.8 yet but I expect it'll be pretty much the same.


I set up 2 alerts under Storage Management/Alert Setup, configured like this:


Alert Name: Vol Inodes Nearly Full

Resources: Include "Cluster", Selected Resources "<< All Volumes >>"

Events: Selected Events "Inodes Nearly Full"

Actions: Select actions appropriate to your circumstance


And an Alert Name "Vol Inodes Full" that is identical except that under the Events page the Selected Events is "Inodes Full"


I decoded to set mine up separately in case I decided to take different actions for each circumstance, but if your action is the same then just configure one Alert and select both Selected Events.


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