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howto create BIRT Datasource for DFM (OCUM 5)


we do have OCUM 7 and OCUM 5 and we want to create a Datasource to OCUM 5 for creating reports at one Spot.

Is it possible to create custom reports for OCUM 5 with BIRT ?


Re: howto create BIRT Datasource for DFM (OCUM 5)


This is what I did:


Eclipse BIRT DB connection to NetApp DFM 5.2


Locate the SQL Anywhere jdbc connector drivers  (jconn2.jar, jconn3.jar, jodbc.jar)  on the DFM server
i.e.  D:\Program Files (x86)\NetApp\DataFabric Manager\DFM\misc\dbconn
copy the folder and drivers to the Eclipse BIRT server i.e.  \\BirtSrvr\c$\DFM 5.2 java db connector


Open Eclipse BIRT console and create a new project, report, and define a data source

JDBC Data Source
Manage Drivers
Add the jconn2.jar driver from C:\DFM 5.2 java db connector\

Define the connection

Driver Class:   com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver (v5.5)
Database URL:  (specify the IP of the DFM DB)
User Name:     specify an account that has read access to the DFM DB
Password: xxxxxxx


The jconn2.jar also needs to be copied to the following location to display reports in the Apache Tomcat BIRT Reporting runtime

i.e  C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\webapps\birt-viewer\WEB-INF\lib
restart the Apache Tomcat service


hope this helps


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Re: howto create BIRT Datasource for DFM (OCUM 5)


that's it, many thanks for your reply

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