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increment the qtree name automatically


We use a simple workflow to create a qtree, nfs export and qtree quotas.

We have a process where we use a 4 digit identifier for a few qtrees and we track the identifier using an excel sheet today.

(For example we use qtreename_XXXX where XXXX is the 4 digit number and for the next qtree we increment the number by 1)

Can we have that 4 digit number stored somewhere in WFA and increment that by 1.





Hi Muru,

The way you would do this would be to use the auto-increment feature. First find the existing qtree's and ensure the filter has ordered it to find the last one first. Then use the auto-increment feature as follows:

Select the "..." next to the new qtree's name:

Find the existing qtree's (in this case by name prefix in volume):

Specify a default number to start off with like 0001 and increment by value:

Update the filters if you want the number to be unique across all volumes within a controller or by some other mechanism. It just needs to find the highest existing value.

Note: This way does mean if you create then delete the last-number it will be re-used.



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