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need help with cDOT dismantling workflow with multible volumes



here my customer is having a database layout.

Usually 3 volumes for each SID

vol show -volume *ABC

  (volume show)

Vserver   Volume       Aggregate    State      Type       Size  Available Used%

--------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----

wdflabvs02 derotvi0500a_ABC aggr_sas_101 online RW        28GB    28.00GB    0%

wdflabvs02 derotvi0500b_ABC aggr_sas_101 online RW        47GB    47.00GB    0%

wdflabvs02 derotvi0500c_ABC aggr_sas_101 online RW        58GB    40.59GB   30%

Now i want to have a removal workflow where you can select the vserver and enter a search field for the SID

Here is a screenshot how it should look like.

Then volumes should be brought offline when selcting it.

I think this have to be realized with a loop. But don't know how.

Also snapmirrors to vault location should be broken.

Then workflow should stop at an approval point. And the operator can manually aproove after some time the workflow that the volumes will completly deleted.

I have usesd the base workflow "Remove a Clustered Data ONTAP Volume" which is not bad and added a customer command i called "Offline Volume" please check my attachements.

Then you should see my first queries for multible selection on "remove SID" workflow.

Would be really great if somebody can have a look at it.

Best wishes,





actually i have found out how to realize it.

Here is my first workflow. Please feel free to import it and develop some improvements. I want to add aswell the remove export policy. There must be developed a new command.

"Remove export policy"

The cool thin with cDOT, you can't delete a export policie when its used by other volumes.

Also there is an issue with the browser, when you enter something in the search field and then delete it.


Nice to see that you are able to proceed with the workflow.

We had filed a similar defect internally like the "Unexpected error" issue mentioned here.

We will check if the issue faced by you is similar.