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netapp harvest 7mode volume used size graph


Sharing Chris reply for displaying 7mode filer volume used size graph ,

This graph is not pre-defined ,can duplicate existing IOP graph and remove other metrics ,add below metric


here is the metric to use

scale(netapp.perf7.$Group.$Node.vol.$Volume.wv_fsinfo_blks_used, 0.0009765625)


I do have 7-mode vol used though, collecting directly from the filer, as part of the IOP density graph.  Find this graph on the 7-mode volume dashboard.  It is the counter called “wv_fsinfo_blks_used” and displays the volume used (active filesystem + snap).  It is normalized to Mbytes, so if you want in Gigabytes you could add a new graph with this metric string:

scale(netapp.perf7.$Group.$Node.vol.$Volume.wv_fsinfo_blks_used, 0.0009765625)



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