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new to netapp... unowned drive needs to be active... where do I start?





Thanks everyone. I found an article that suggested *disk assign all* would automatically assign the drives. I connected via ssh and ran the command. Mission accomplished.


In regards to drive 14, I replaced it with a new drive and ran the same command. It became a spare. Maybe 20 minutes later I received an alert that the drive was bad. Ithink it was replaced a few days ago as well. Any thoughts?

did you check to make sure each controller had a balanced number of spare? 


And open a ticket with netapp for the drive that failed again. 

The controllers stated they were healthy. I did what I could & will open a ticket on Monday.



Carefull your drive 0d.01.14 is broken ...

Normaly you need to change it 

Have you a NetApp suport Case open ?


Looks like you're running 7mode 8.x something.   


With that many unassigned disks I would check to see if all of your aggregates are healthy.     I don't think there's actually a way to assign disks in the 7mode gui.. 


run "aggr status" on each controller.    If there are any aggrs that are showing degraded I would assign disks to whatever controller they are on.     If they're all good, make sure each controller has approximately the same amount of shares. 


run "disk assign diskid" on the controller you want to own the disk.   


"aggr status -s" will allow you to see what spares are already assigned.    




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