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on command system manager 3.1.2 no longer launch after root cert replaced


I have system manager installed on a server, a desktop, and a laptop and have been using them for years to administer my older 7 mode arrays. As of monday the system admin group replaced their cert server and pushed out a new root cert to all servers, desktops, and laptops. Now all three of my installations fail to launch system manager. When I try it does not appear that anything happens as if I did not try to launch it. It must have something to do with the new root cert being pushed out. No other changes have occurred. I am not able to install the latest 3.1.3 due to it requiring a newer version of java. All those systems that already have it installed on require an older version of java needed by other applications like from brocade. I did take one host and install the latest java and system manager and it did work. I need to figure out how to resolve my three hosts that I cannot upgrade and need to get them working again so I have my redundancy back. Any thoughts on how I can resolve those hosts no longer launching system manager.





can you share the below:


System Manager version:

Host OS version:

Java version:


Can you try navigating to the installation directory for system manager on your host and locate a file (SystemManager.jar) and launch it. Then proceed and check if you can launch system manager.