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provisioning manager and vol compression?


IHAC that would like to use provisioning manager, and set WAFl compression to 'on' as he also turns on dedupe through provisioning manager.  Is this possible in some version of Provisioning manager?



Hi Stading,

Did you get an answer to your question?  I'd also like to know.



Hi Keith & Stading,

                         There is no version of OCUM/Provisioning manager that allows you to set WAFL compression. But all version of Provisioning Manager allows you to set dedupe.




Thanks Adai.  Would it be feasible to use a Provisioning Script to turn on compression when volumes are created?  By "Provisioning Script" I mean create a script that could turn on compression of a volume then set the Provision Policy to call the script.  I assume enough information is passed to those scripts so it would be possible to figure out what volume was just created.


Hi Keith,

     Yes, you can do this in case of primary provisioning policy which has ability to run post provisioning script. But unfortunately  secondary provisioning policy does not have the capability to invoke post provisioning script. I will add you to an internal email regarding the same.



NetApp Alumni

Hi Keith,

There are post provisioning scripts you can assign to a storage service, but I have not used them.  If a program provisions storage via APIs, it should be able to get the volume information and invoke ONTAP APIs to set compression.


   - Rick -


Thanks Rick.  I guess my real questions are:

  1. Is enough information passed to the post provisioning script to ascertain the volume that was just created?  I ask, because like you I haven't used the post provisioning scripts (yet).  I seem to recall that information is passed via environment variables to the script.  I just forget what all is passed.  I guess I just need to start with a small script that simply does a 'set > \temp\env_var.txt' to see what is passed.
  2. Will it confuse DFM if compression is turned on.  I assume not, but I thought I'd ask.



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