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run workflow from vCO fails on PLANNING state


Hi all.

I'm integrating WFA to urn workflows from vCO.

I created a workflow in the vCO and prepared all inputs correctly.

While running the workflow from vCO, following execution tab in WFA, the flow runs and completes successfully.

Problem is the vCO workflow immediately gets "PLANNING" state from WFA for a sec and fails the vCO flow, even though the WFA flow continues and completes fine.

vCO error that I immediately get is:

The requested job is in state 'PLANNING'. The job was unsuccessful due to the current state.

Thanks in advance.



Re: run workflow from vCO fails on PLANNING state


workaround for now:


After a lead from Milson and goodrum, i changed the following and it works. I'll ask goodrum to see if he's planning a new version of the package and if this is aimed for modification.

Edited the vCO flow "Wait for WFA job to complete"  - Decision activity item "Is the job still running" - added another ELSEIF to check for "PLANNING".


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