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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

snapshot list of volume is not available in the OCUM 6.3 database


Hi Team, 


I want to get all the snapshot and its creation date  for each volume on the OCUM 6.3 .

But could not find any report avialble . Also looking into the  OCUM database " ocum_report  "  its does not contain any view related to snapshot .


I can see each volume snapshot copy details in the  OCUM UI  but not in  OCUM DB. 

can you please let me know if there a way where I can look  the snapshot  details info in the OCUM database ?






did you ever figure out how to get the snapshot info from OCUM?  You bascially need to create a custom datasource that pulls the snapshot info for volumes.  I can send you the info if you still need it.

That at would be very useful .




in earlier builds you get this sort of info from DFM.?



Unless I'm completely mistaken, OCUM 6.x and 7.0/7.1 DO NOT pull or store any data about snapshots in its database. I don't know why, seems like something that would be pretty important, but maybe polling that data does not scale? IDK.

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